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COVID-19 Updates

We know we don’t have to tell you: it’s wild out there. But we wanted to reach out and let you all know that the safety and well-being of our employees and customers is always Angelo's CDS & more main concern. As a preventive measure, Angelo's is taking the following precautions, as recommended by the CDC:

We are focused on cleaning our shops and Angelo's CDs employees are wearing gloves at the trade counter—said gloves are also available for customers on request.

Employees are washing their hands—water, soap, and a 20 second jingle sung along with the act—on a regular basis, and we’re stocking up on cleaning supplies.

If our employees or someone close to them is feeling unwell, they are being instructed to stay home, seek medical attention if necessary, and get better. The same goes for our customers—if you’re not 100%, come visit us another time.

With widespread cancellations of concerts and festivals occurring, artists are being affected. Buying music from independent retailers like Angelo's Cds & More puts dollars in creators’ hands too and supports an independent local economy. Our stores are full of everything you need for movie marathons and record listening sessions at home.  Stock up on entertainment at Angelo's and let’s remember to take common sense precautions like washing your hands and touching your face. Music has a powerful way of bringing people together, so put on your favorite song and let’s all look out for each other.

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